Here's the moment a CNN reporter was violently thrown to the ground during a live broadcast last in North Carolina last night.

Reporter Ed Lavendera is in Charlotte covering the protest over the fatal shooting of a disabled black man. bled black man.

Luckily, the veteran journalist was unharmed and later stated the protestor responsible had apologised for the unprovoked assault.

Keith Lamont Scott was shot by officers on Tuesday (Sep 20) in a tragic case of mistaken identity as they searched for a man with an outstanding arrest warrant.

Police claim 43-year-old Scott exited a vehicle holding a handgun, refusing to disarm despite repeated warnings, leaving officers with no other option than to shoot him.

However, Scott’s family allege that the father-of-seven was disabled and had only been in possession of a book when he was killed.

“He sits in the shade, reads his book and waits on his kid to get off the bus,” Scott’s sister told reporters.

“He didn’t have no gun, he wasn’t messing with nobody.”

In a Facebook Live video posted from the crime scene, Scott’s daughter Lyric can be heard screaming at officers not to plant a weapon in Scott’s car “because that’s what the f*** y’all do”.

Victoria Harper
By Victoria Harper 09/22/2016 10:21:00

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