Gennaro ‘Gooch’ Aladena is wanted for an alleged theft after an internet date

For a date with a complete stranger, this one looked like it was going pretty well.

But a New Jersey woman is now counting the cost after going home with a man she had met online.

Whatever her intentions were when she invited her match back, she had a nasty surprise when he stole her jewellery and her car.

According to news network WABC-TV, the suspect, who identified himself as Gennaro ‘Gooch’ Aladena, met the victim on dating site OkCupid.

Ominously the site, which takes answers to questions and shows how much of a ‘friend’ and how much of an ‘enemy’ you are with a potential match, rated ‘Gooch’ as 15 per cent enemy.

Given that he made off with her 2007 Toyota Solara, which boasts a personalised numberplate, maybe that rating should have been a little higher.

Reports say the thief is bald, around 5ft 9ins and also goes by the name Mike Rossman.

Lena Sullivan
By Lena Sullivan 03/08/2015 16:15:00

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