Fat girl Tinder date: How these men reacted to ‘hot’ blonde turning up FAT on Tinder date will shock you

The question of how fickle men are has finally been answered. Maybe.

Men, it turns out, are completely focused on looks and really don’t care about the person ‘inside’.

Or at least they don’t react well when the smoking hot model type they’ve been messaging on Tinder turns out to be a dead ringer for Gwyneth Paltrow’s big-boned alter-ego in Shallow Hal.

This is the conclusion of this social experiment on YouTube where a slim blonde woman called Sara arranged dates with several guys on Tinder.

In her profile she posted dozens of pictures of herself looking slim, one on a beach in a bikini, others of her smiling seductively at the camera.

How these men reacted to 'hot' blonde turning up FAT on Tinder date will shock you

(Picture: YouTube)

(Picture: YouTube)

(Picture: YouTube)

But when she turned up for the dates, she looked completely different.

Sara put on a fat suit as part of the experiment by YouTubers Simple Pickup – a group dedicated to proving any guy can get a date with a girl – and waited for the guys’ reactions.

(Picture: youtube)

(Picture: YouTube)

Granted, the men would have been pretty disappointed by the switcheroo. But perhaps surprisingly, most were very, very rude.

It started reasonably polite: ‘You look a little different than your picture.’

But it soon started to descend into being just plain rude.

One asked: ‘Are you pregnant?’

While another noted that she must ‘like to eat’.

Most leave, with one even accusing her fairly aggressively of ‘lying’. One even pulls the ‘I’m going to the bathroom’ routine – and never comes back.

For the one who stayed (he wasn’t even that polite) his reward was the big reveal… (shock!) and we guess he must have got the girl.

The same group did a similar experiment with a man in a fat suit arranging dates with women on Tinder – and the results were quite different…

By Lena-Sullivan 09/25/2014 10:35:00

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