DRAMA, scandal and a lot of sass is always a good start for a new reality show.

DRAMA, scandal and a lot of sass is always a good start for a new reality show and Trans-Atlanta is promised to have it by the truck load.

According to reports, the green light has been given for a new show that will be centred around the lives of a group of transgender socialites in Atlanta.

From the producers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Real Housewives of Potomac, the ladies will go about their daily lives and careers – and it promises to be just as drama filled as The Real Housewives franchise.


JOLEE ALEXANDER: One of the rumoured socialites on the show

It will also delve into the world of dating within the transgender community.

The rumored cast comprises of Shauna Brooks, Amiyah Scott, Tiffany Monroe, Shayla Stacks, Jolee Alexander, Carmen Banks and Sidney Starr.

All the women are already huge social media stars with large fanbases.


LOUBOUTIN BARBIE: Carmen is known for her love of luxury

Of course, all the ladies have very colourful pasts.

Some claim to have slept with the worlds biggest entertainers and sports stars so you can only imagine the dirt that’s going to dish.

While surgery is practically a pass time for the girls, with boob jobs and bum injections a plenty.


STARR POTENTIAL: Sidney claims to have slept with a host of famous rappers and athletes

Another rumored producer is Lala Anthony who just happens to be one of Kim Kardashian's besties.

And if anyone knows about drama and reality TV gold, it's the K family.

Rob’s baby bombshell, hello?


MARILYN MOMENTS: Tiffany Monroe is said to be one of the "classy" women

While there is no confirmed date the series will be available, some stars of the show have been spotted filming and posting about it on social media.

Let the drama begin.

By staff 08/29/2016 07:57:00

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