TROLLS told Jennifer Hudson to kill herself after she recorded an advert for Shell.

The Voice star was accused of selling out by taking the oil firm’s money.

The promo portrays Shell as a supporter of clean energy.

But the adverts have been dubbed “cheesy”, “bizarre” and “evil” by web users.

Hudson appears with Pixie Lott, 25, and four other musicians in a video to support Shell’s Make The Future campaign.

They sing snippets of US band American Authors’ hit Best Day of My Life while green energy inventions are seen in the background.

The video has been heavily promoted on social media over the past two months.

But the marketing drive has provoked a massive backlash against Jennifer.

TROLLS: Some social media users have told the star to kill herself

Shell advert SHELL

STARS: Various musicians have appeared in the Shell energy advert

Facebook user Jake McNett asked the Oscar-winning singer: “Why don’t you innovate a rope around your neck, tie it to the highest branch of the ugly tree you came from and jump.”

The troll added: “Jennifer Hudson how’s about you innovate some white phosphorous all over your body and roll around until your skin melts off your bones.

“You are the scum of the earth.”

Luke James Owen chipped in: “Everyone involved in this should kill themselves.”


DEVIL: Other social media users were simply disappointed with the ad

Other fans said they felt the Dreamgirls star had let them down.

Johanna Gomez wrote: “Very disappointed in you Jennifer Hudson. I guess the money they paid you might have persuaded you to join in this advert or maybe you just wanted to do the advert, but either way, you are supporting a company who loves drilling up everywhere and f****** up the sealife/wildlife/planet!”

The comments are among thousands posted on Facebook attacking Hudson for taking part in the campaign.

Environmentalists say the promotion is a “greenwash” that does not fit with Shell’s business objectives of selling oil and gas.

The actress and singer, 35, made her debut last night as a judge on ITV’s The Voice alongside Sir Tom Jones, 76, Bush singer Gavin Rossdale, 51, and, 41.

Other acts who appear in the Make The Future video include American Steve Aoki, Brazil’s Luan Santana, China’s Tan Weiwei and Nigerian singer Yemi Alade.

Environmentalists also claim that the money Shell spent on the marketing video would have been better used to help clean up oil spills across the globe.


Victoria Harper
By Victoria Harper 01/08/2017 09:36:00

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